Build a Device Lab with $4


A device lab is a responsive device holder which eases the process of responsive development or cross-device testing while building apps which are meant to be device agnostic.

Below are a few sample Device Labs.


Few questions to decide on before jumping in!

  1. Device Lab capacity? Total number of devices planned to accomadate
  2. Rough sketch of the device locations, Keep in mind to have smaller devices near you to enable better visibility also plan for accesibility of most used devices.
  3. Mobility - Will the device lab be situated somewhere in the corner or will it mobile, that is will the lab move from one desk to another desk?
  4. Budget - How much are you planning to allocate for it?

Materials Required
The one in this post is built using cheap PVC pipes, thread, some glue, plastic platform and plastic covers. We planned to build a single stories lab with mobiles at the ground level and the tablets in the first level.

  1. PVC Pipes - 16 feet, 
  2. 6 T Joints  
  3. 4 Elbow Joints - The toal PVC materials costed 100 rupees
  4. Beading plastic - Holder for mobiles, tablets. 20 rupees
  5. Plastic platform - 6x6 feet - 100 rupees
  6. Threads - 6 balls - 10 rupees
  7. Plastic cover for coating - 10 rupees
  8. Nails, bolts, glue - 10 rupees

Rough skeleton of the Device Lab



Still more to come.